LIFW COVID-19 Policy


We will be strictly enforcing our Covid policy.


  1. Detection:

    • Do not come in if you have experienced symptoms in the last 14 days or you have been in contact with someone who has had symptoms.

    • Upon entering the gym all clients must have their temperature taken by a non contact thermal imaging thermometer. You will not be able to train if your temperature is over 98.7F.   

  2. Tracking

    • All clients are required to sign-in.

  3. Containment

    • Mask are mandatory upon entering the gym and during training.

    • All clients must wash their hands prior to touching equipment.

    • All clients must wipe down all equipment used with cleaning supplies provided.

    • All clients are strongly encouraged to use the additional safety equipment provided by VSP/LIFW; masks and sanitizer.

    • Towel service will be suspended. Please bring your own!

  4. Distancing

    • All clients must train in their assigned training areas.


Additional Rules:

  1. Do not enter the gym until scheduled class/session time. We need to be able to safely transition the group prior.

  2. When your class/session ends please head outside so the next group of people can start their class/session. 
  3. All clients are to use the rear entrance to the gym. Front door will be locked.

  4. No clients in the gym offices.

  5. Clients are strongly encouraged to bring minimal items into the gym- water and a towel. 

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